International and Domestic Air Freight Services Through the network of international airline partners Including customs clearance services at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports. and carry-on express transportation to ensure that the product will reach the destination recipient on time with experienced and skilled customer service in handling air cargo with a fair price, fast and accurate
- Consolidated shipments to and from major markets
  around the world thanks to the support of a dense
  network of globally selected agents
- Express shipments or charter services for every urgency
- Refrigerated goods, controlled temperature, dry ice,
  Envirotainers /Opti coolers for food, perishable, and
  Pharmaceutical goods
- Dangerous products experienced and regularly ADR
  Certified Staff
- Oversized goods, industrial machinery, and steel products
- Precious goods, gold bars, jewelry, platinum for
- Industrial use with all risks insurance coverage
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