TARA LOGISTICS CO., LTD is an International Freight Company incorporated in Thailand in 2012. The company is formed with a clear vision to provide reliable & professional worldwide freight & logistics services. 

We want to be an integral part of our customers' logistics plans. And we want to be a reliable and efficient logistics provider for our clients. We seek reliable global agents to collaborate with in order to provide excellent global We have expertise in airfreight, ocean freight, and logistics. Our daily operations include consolidation, breakbulk, customs brokerage, and door-to-door delivery for both air and sea shipments.We use simple standardized road transport products with a multitude of personalized options to achieve a compromise between transit time, capacity, frequency, and cost. We understand that the key to the success of your supply chain is a trusting relationship with our customers. This confidence develops as a result of the customer's respect for commitments made.network and logistics solutions to our customers.



Our Network

TARA LOGISTICS CO., LTD  will provide you with over 500 agencies that cover over 111 countries worldwide. With the most reliable and consistent agency networks that have obtained the best reputation for over ten years.



Executive committee & Management

Tom C.

Prapat J.

Executive Director
Jeerawatthana L.

Asst. Executive Director
Kamontip O.

Finance & Accounting Manager

Phuwani C.

Chief Commercial Officer
Terdwid S.

General Manager - Sales
Manassanan M.

General Manager

Pricing & Global Marketing
Jareewan J

Deputy Chief Operation Officer



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